Got Attitude?

I’m so creatively challenged! Is there such a phrase? I’m having a heck of a time finding appropriate and catchy titles for my posts. Oh well ~ anyhow,  I’ve been reading quite a few blogs lately… such imagination, humor, superb writing, beautiful photos, and just some awesome people.  I’m humbled and inspired by so many talented bloggers.

Having said that, here’s my tenue de la journée ~ 오늘의 의상 ~ traje del día ~  abito del giorno ~  sangkap ng araw ~ その日の服装 ~ kläder för dagen ~  outfit of the day.  I love google translator!  This is the extent of my creative writing ~ sad.

Presenting my ‘tude outfit! Bring it on!

I gotta thank Mr. Max Azria for the outfit above.  One of my favorite designers!

Bag: Chloe        Boots: Luxury Rebel by Jean-Michel Cazabat


25 thoughts on “Got Attitude?

  1. Who needs a creative ‘catch phrase’ when you are so creative with the way you dress. Action is far better than words. Thanks for sharing! I love your creative dressing. x

    • Hi Jenny! You are about the sweetest person I know. My daughter actually read all the comments and said “I like Jenny”! Thank you so much for your visits and your wonderful comments. They mean a lot to me!

  2. I struggle with post titles all the time. The longer you blog, the worse it gets!

    I love that jacket! I think it’s so chic. I would wear that thing to shreds if I owned it.

    Your bag is great too….and so are you!

    xo, Adrienne

    • Hi Adrienne! Thank you so much for your sweet words…I loooove jackets! I’d like to add a few colorful jackets to my fall/winter wardrobe tho. Glad I’m not alone in the title dilemma. Thanks for your visit!

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