Distressed Ripped Jeans ~ Yay or Nay?

Soooo, I found these ripped jeans on a sales rack for a really, really good price.  Asked my daughter if she wanted them (since she had a similar one in black), and she said no…she didn’t care for the color.  Guess what?  I grabbed it for myself.  I’m a sucker for bargains!  I tell myself and hubby that I’m saving $!  Right?  Okay, so what’s the problem?  The problem is ~ how does a 50ish woman get away with dressing like a 20 something?  My mind says “dress your age”!  But my heart says “forget that crap, I’m not going down that easy”!  This silliness goes on in my head more times than I should admit.  Mind you, my hubby wouldn’t touch this subject with a 10′ pole. “No way, I’m not going there”! He says.  I don’t blame him ~ he knows me too well.

Anyway, I wore it out to dinner last night. Tried to dignify the outfit a little by adding a jacket, which I adore. (I love it so much that I have it in green as well ~ go figure ~ redundant? ~ of course).  So, here it is…what say you?

The dinner was great…the restaurant is located in a quaint little neighboring town. They actually have a working train that will carry passengers thru a scenic route along the neighboring towns. A wonderful experience for kids of all ages.

All aboard!!!

Waiting to be seated. Outdoor dining was available, but it was too cold today even with a fire pit and outdoor heaters. Inside pleeze!

Thanks for taking the time to visit. Your honest opinion on the ripped jeans would be appreciated!  My honest opinion? It did not work for me. Wish I were A BIT younger ~ 20-30 years!

Jacket: Max Azria   Jeans: Fragile    Boots: Boutique 9    Bag: LV     Scarf: Burberry


62 thoughts on “Distressed Ripped Jeans ~ Yay or Nay?

  1. I think you did a great job with the jacket. Unbuttoned looks best. Adding polished and classic pieces to distressed pants balance out to a very nice kook. Congrats on not being submissive to the “too old” phrase. We just need to be more concious on how we pair our outfits, but it’s fun to do..

  2. Hi, I know this reply is long after the post, but I wanted to say how much I admire the way you wore your ripped jeans. You are so artistic, and that’s what counts. NOT age, but artistic presentation!!! I wish all women, of all ages and shapes, would have fun with fashion and could do so in the same classy manner as you display.

  3. I too like the distressed Jean look. I find it sexy. However I seem to prefer a lighter wash in blue. I do wonder what men my age think about this style. One of my male friends doesn’t like the ripped jeans look but agrees I wear it well. Of course it’s a casual look. But with a girly top the right shoes and heals I feel like a million bucks and I’m 58.

  4. Yes. Because of the way you accented them. I just bought the greatest pair too. I have been on the fence at 61! But I wore them today with short boots, a plain boat neck T shirt, black tailored blazer and a artsy scarf. I went into a very trendy store and the young sales associate loved the look. I love the theory of pick one and then Sophosticate it. Joe Zee says YES

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  7. I just found this page while considering distressed jeans for myself (at 56). I think you look fantastic – and I think that has a lot to do with all of the elements in your outfit. A coloured pair of jeans is always going to look more stylish than blue denim, even when ripped. Yours aren’t overly distressed. The chunky heels in a similar colour, and the elegant jacket and long scarf really make this outfit sing. If I knew how to put clothes together like this, I would feel so much better. I’m 5’10” and still slim (but soft and squidgy) and I want my clothes to express how I feel on the inside… I’m just not sure how to do that, without going over the top, or looking like I’m trying too hard. This has helped a LOT!!! Thanks.

  8. i think they look great! i bought a pair of distressed ripped ivory jeans and I am 52! When I got them, I thought I was buying a pair of jeans just to go to the supermarket on Saturday mornings, but now I wear them on casual outings! I am still not comfortable wearing them at work for casual Friday, but I think it has nothing to do with age, but more with how professional I want to look!

  9. I am 58, and just ordered two pairs of slightly ripped jeans. I like the look. I am at the age, if I like something, I’m going to wear it. The mysterious ” they” that sets the fashion rules or age rules is not important to me. I listen to my own voice. I am not one of those hippy dippy gals that dresses really weird, but I put on what I like.

    • I agree! I am 58 and wore a pair of ripped jeans out with my hubby for a casual dinner and wore a classy black top and leopard print flats. I loved it, felt good, and that is all that matters in my opinion. I am a slender build.

  10. I am 37 and just bought a pair of distressed jeans and asked the sales girl if I was too old to wear them myself. She said the owner of the store who is in her 60’s wears them.. so I guess you and I are ok :). BTW,.. you look Extremely stylish in your outfit- Beautiful woman-

  11. First off you look fantastic. And the jeans are a great color. But the ripped, I don’t think they work for me. If you were wearing converse and a T-shirt maybe, but they look to contrived, a bit trendy for classy beautiful you.

    That said, you can pull almost anything off. So while I agree the jeans are the wrong kind of ripped, you could probably rock a trash bag and make it look chic.

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  13. Love this post. I’m a huge fan of ripped jeans to, I’m almost in my mid thirties, and wondering for how long I can continue to wear them. I liked your honesty at the end, but I thought they looked great on you. I really adored your jacket – I think the trick is to balance them with a smart piece on top perhaps. Clearly I need to experiment more, as well….


  14. Ouu very nice outfit! I loveee love loveeee the distressed jeans!
    And you look amazing, so forget the age sutff, most 20 year olds can’t pull this off 😛 but you did 😀

  15. This is a YAY! Oh you look so chic Jeannie!! I LOVE that jacket! And you are totally rockin’ the whole outfit! (Personally, I have a hard time wearing ripped jeans myself, but I always think it looks cool on other people!) I think that if you have the confidence to wear something, it shows (and it doesn’t matter what age you are)! A twenty-something could be wearing the same outfit, but not own it and then it wouldn’t look good on her. 🙂


  16. You look great. I think a lot of people tend to forget Cher brought ripped jeans back in the 80’s when she was over 40. You pulled it off IMO. 🙂 Without the jacket, though it might have been a bit much.


    • Hi Mary! Thank you so much for visiting, and your comment. I did not remember that about Cher…she did have an eclectic style that I admired back in the days. She’s still smokin’ hot at age 64!

  17. i luv the jacket and the whole loo0but for any age i think that may be a tad too much ripping. if i liked the ripping than id say you looked awesome and put the outfit together amazing!!

    • Hi Devorah, Thanks for your honest opinion. I’m 100% sure that’s what my hubby’s thinking, but refuses to say. I do like the jeans, but I’m sure it will look much better on my daughter. At least I didn’t spend too much for the jeans!

  18. I think you still look your age in this outfit. Even though it’s ripped up jeans you dressed it up so nicely and turned it into a more mature outfit, which I really like on you. Very nice jacket. I’m sure it wouldn’t work on everyone, but for you it’s perfect! Keep breaking the ‘rules’!

    • Hi Sylvia, Thanks! I don’t normally worry or care about what others think, but I do care what my hubby thinks. He had no comment on these jeans and would not elaborate…smart man! Haha…next, mini skirt!

    • Hi Nancy, You look fantastic…never would have guessed your age. I also like your title! With resistance ~ ditto!!! Thank you for visiting. I just checked out your blog…hilarious! Wonderful writings.

  19. Of course you can wear them! Not everyone can wear them, regardless of age. I’m envious — sometimes I feel like I’ve dressed like I’m 50 for 30 years. Maybe it isn’t 50 per se, but more “conservative & no-nonsense”, although I’m really not either. Until recently I worked in an environment where attire was ‘casual’ (note: NOT “business casual”). Mostly I worked with 30 something males, some of whom looked like they didn’t change clothes when they rolled out of bed. But, since I was one of the only women in a management position (in a company that was 90% male), I didn’t feel that I could dress too “young & chic”. But, I also couldn’t dress up, though I love too! So I wore jeans and sweaters, generally things that seemed rather blah. I’ve I had the right figure, I would so wear the outfit that you have. And that jacket is awesome!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    • Hi Anne, Thanks for the vote of confidence. That’s funny about your male colleagues. You should SO make up for those 30 yrs of conservative/casual dressing. Well, I’m trying to be graceful and not embarrass myself too much! Thanks for your visit!

  20. I don’t know why you don’t think it worked for you. The way you dressed it up with the jacket was fabulous! I’m 43, I still wear some hole in my jeans. You are only as old as you feel. You always look elegant, this time included!

  21. I love the whole outfit.
    I am 45 and I hear you when you say “dress your age” but what the heck. I say go for it.
    I think they totally work for you and if they aren’t doing it for you as an outfit, pair it with some black chucks and a t-shirt and cute jean jacket for Saturday errands.
    And since you don’t look 50 at all (far from it) you can totally pull that look off!
    Look forward to reading more of your posts.

    • Hey, thanks for 1 vote yay! You’re waaay too sweet. Good idea! I could live in t-shirts & jeans. Can’t wait to read more of your funnies! I’ll be your blogosphere friend. Fire away!

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