St. Thomas here we come….

We–my husband, son, and I–left for St. Thomas this morning for a little R&R.

Missing our daughter and our dog, Tobi already…

The flight was uneventful except for a period of turbulence…..

Pretty good photos from the plane if I say so myself!

Our rental car wasn’t ready so we had to wait  in a hot & very small airport….but no one’s complaining here….

Trying to drive on the wrong side of the road was interesting…..

We arrived at the villa but wait…a major catastrophe…. 

The TV wasn’t working!!! My husband & son in a state of panic…

Missing college football!!!

The cable is out due to some sort of power outage on the island….still no TV….

At least the generator is keeping the lights and the air conditioner running…

But look at this view….no complaint from moi~

Had a nice dinner outside….

The men are now watching football from an internet feed…all is well.

Thank you for stopping by and  for now.

Love you Jordan!