A beautiful smile…

Good morning!

Not so good for me this morning as I woke with a sore jaw and a lingering headache. I am what you call a “Bruxer”, a term that describes a person who clench & grind their teeth.   This behavior can have a detrimental effect on your dental health if you are a chronic bruxer like me. It can cause cracked/broken teeth, sensitive teeth, recession (receding gumline), periodontal pockets (bone loss), tori (bony growth), headaches &  jaw pain.

The cause of “Bruxism” can be from variety of reasons; stress, anxiety, abnormal bite, missing/crooked teeth and more.

I have a device called “NTI”( www.nti-tss.com) also called a “Mouthguard” that I wear to sleep every night (okay, when I do remember that is).  Obviously, I forgot last night.  Paying the price this morning. Great investment if you have this condition.

Take care of your teeth….you only get one set.

You don’t have to brush your teeth – just the ones you want to keep. ~Author Unknown

 “A beautiful smile is worth a thousand words!”

Note: Info provided by my favorite & one and only dentist!