Ever had one of those days?

So today at the office, I had one of those fabulous moments of “grace in motion”. 

I was moving a box of copy paper by pushing it with both of my hands, bent down, as it was too heavy to lift. Can you picture this?  As I was so gracefully and vigorously  pushing this box into a space under the counter, I forgot all about the counter edge that would meet my forehead first …..BAM! OUCH!!  Literally, I was so stunned that nothing came out of my mouth, not even a curse.  Of course, as I was walking around the office with a bag of ice on my forehead,  my husband thought it would be a funny topic for a post. “Not so gracefully 50” he says…..haha.

Few pics he took of me today…. 

 A little acting included at N/C…
















Pants: J. Crew

Sweater: Ralph Lauren  

Shoes: Can’t remember…

Ice:  Frigidaire  


You just gotta laugh sometimes….