Game Day…..all wet!

So, it’s game day…..should have known what was ahead when we spent 40 min. in traffic to go 5 miles just to grab a bite to eat before the game.  Late getting to the gate and found ourselves facing a swarm of impatient fans, in 95 degree heat, becoming irritable because the line was moving very slowly.  About 20 min. later the line has completely halted. No one’s getting in!  Fans are shouting, tempers flaring…..good grief! 

Then I noticed an ominous skyline and then a lightning. Nooooo! They’ve shut the gates and the game has been delayed.  What now? After a few minutes of weighing our options, we decided to walk to a near by restaurant to wait out the impending storm.

Guess what? Yep…we did NOT make it before the effects of “Tropical Storm Lee” was upon us in full force. I mean it was coming down hard!!!  All we could do at that point was just laugh….. it’s been a long time since I’ve played in the rain….kinda refreshing!  

I could hardly open my eyes…..the wind and the rain….whew!!!

Anyway, we really had no choice at that point and decided to head back to the villa. I doubt any restaurants would have let us in completely drenched  and I just couldn’t imagine sitting thru the game soaked to the bone. What a day!!!

Good news tho…UT won! 42-16